Pricing Process and GM’s Software Recall

General Motors recently recalled 474,000 vehicles, many of which are being returned to dealers so they can “recalibrate the software”. I wonder if they factored that into their pricing process.

Sources of Pricing Pressure

Sandhill just published a smaller research study on the five most prevalent sources of pricing pressure. Learn why selling value is still a tough challenge for software firms.

Negotiating Like a SaaS Pro

Negotiating like a SaaS pro takes a careful approach when making concessions. Do you have the correct process in place for your sales team during the critical negotiation and close part of your selling process?

3 Steps To Smarter SaaS Pricing

Jim shares three tips for developing a tiered pricing structure that clearly communicates the value of your various product options or editions on the OpenView Finance Lab blog.

Combating the Nibble

When a prospect that’s about to close asks for something (a Nibble), do you know how to combat it?

Look to the Basics to Accelerate Sales

Many executives wonder why sales aren’t coming as fast or as easily as they should – despite their best efforts to focus on the right customers with the right product and the right benefits. One possibility that’s often overlooked is at the heart of a pricing model.