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Software Pricing Category Creator

In 1982, we created software pricing as a category. Since then, we've been perfecting the science behind the art of software pricing.

Meet our Leadership Team

Our collective résumé is unmatched when it comes to helping software companies maximize their potential. Since 1982, we’ve worked with companies with a wide array of software growth challenges — from seeking market validation to course-correcting suboptimization. We’ll patiently listen to your concerns and invite you to throw challenges our way. We include “partners” in our name for a reason: We have the experience to guide your pricing decisions from pre-product release, through the launch and beyond.

Chris Mele

Chris Mele Software Pricing Strategist
(Managing Partner)

30+ years experience

Software Licensing, Packaging & Pricing (Monetization) expert. Enterprise sales expert. Former CEO/founder of award-winning SaaS company. E&Y Alumnus.

Eric Mele

Eric Mele Pricing Data Science

30+ years experience

Pricing Data Analytics, Information Security, Cloud Computing, AWS expert. Former Enterprise Data Architect of award-winning SaaS company. PwC Alumnus.

Blair Swogger

Blair Swogger Chief Financial Officer

45+ years experience

Former CFO of an award-winning SaaS company. Former CEO, COO and CFO of several consumer product companies.

Chad Harbig

Chad Harbig Software Licensing & Packaging

15+ years experience

Software licensing, packaging, product strategy and UX expert. Former SaaS CPO. M.S. in Human Computer Interaction.

Giancarlo Proenca

Giancarlo Proenca Competitive Intelligence

20+ years experience

Competitive Intelligence & B2B market research expert, specializing in SaaS.
Fundação Getúlio Vargas, MBA.

Lisa Furby

Lisa Furby Market Research

15+ years experience

SaaS market research & digital marketing srategist. Former CMO of award-winning SaaS company.

Eugenio Moretzsohn

Eugenio Moretzsohn Counter Intelligence

30+ years experience

SaaS counter-intelligence, compliance and corporate defense measures expert. Former Colonel of Military Intelligence.

Christian Simpson

Christian Simpson Creative

15+ years experience

Cinematographer, motion designer, and colorist. Former ESPN video producer and creative director for SaaS company.

Luciana Carvalho

Luciana Carvalho Market Research

10+ years experience

SaaS marketing, communication and software research expert. UDESC, MBA. UFSC, Master in Journalism.

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