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Pricing Strategy

For B2B software companies, no other variable under management control can make a larger impact on revenue than Pricing. Learn how to build a solid foundation to increase revenue, accelerate customer acquisition, strengthen retention and maximize valuation. Make this the last pricing engagement you'll ever do by learning a proven process and methodology your team can use to continually improve your pricing with a powerful talk track your sales team will love.

Monetization Assessment and Design

We’ll pull your transaction and usage data (using our proprietary LevelSetter platform) from your internal systems to assess your customer environment and pinpoint gaps and revenue leaks in your existing model. We then design your ideal monetization approach including recommended licensing metrics, packaging, SKU structures and discounting methodology. We then work with you throughout rollout and help you identify further align with sales, distribution channels and other product lines.

Discounting Analysis and Discipline

We analyze your transaction & usage data (or if you are just starting out, we help you model sample data) by feeding it into our LevelSetter platform. We can identify and measure discounting behavior that is negatively impacting revenue. We will then design a programmatic structure that defines where and how discounts are earned and ensures they are universally applied. Includes interactive upside modeling to support internal teams on strategies and tactices to recapture lost profits.

Competitive Pricing Research

Our research team identifies and engages with competitor customers, experts in your industry and other knowledgeable sources to gain a line of sight into perceptions of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, the value they and their software products deliver and actual transactions. Effective competitive intelligence is methodical and requires patience and persistence. It also requires adherence to strict ethical standards, not only for legal reasons, but to obtain truly reliable information.

Go-to-Market Pricing Plan

Our Go-to-Market Pricing Strategy service is an accelerated review of your product and market environment that will set the right foundation to build a profitable and sustainable customer base. This helps you avoid launching a new product with a pricing model borrowed from competitors and disconnected from the way customers gain value from your software. Learn how to unleash your new product's performance and steer clear of digging an operational hole that is difficult to get out of as your company grows.

Pricing and Sales Integration

Your first sale on your new pricing strategy is to your sales teams. All the strategizing, researching, analyzing, constructing and testing efforts that went into building it can quickly unravel if the company’s sales structure is not completely and properly aligned.

Our Pricing and Sales Integration service ensures a culture develops in your daily operation where customers are treated fairly and pricing properly reflects value.

Price Management Support

Our Price Management Support starts with LevelSetter, our proprietary Pricing Performance Management platform, which we’ll connect to your internal systems. LevelSetter allows your team and ours to view data on what was quoted, the configurations presented and at what volumes, along with real-time sales and customer utilization data. This unique bed of analytics is used to identify new pricing opportunities and risks. Our support is a combination of technology and expert consulting that continually aligns your product’s pricing with its value, enabling you to always capture your full revenue potential.

Due Diligence Pricing Review for Software Investors

We allow investors to gain a deeper understanding of the company’s revenue drivers and costs, and identify opportunities to improve monetization performance by modeling potential outcomes prior to investment. We do this by loading the target company’s deal data, such as transactions, lost deals, capability usage patterns and more. This enables us to evaluate the software company’s licensing and packaging structures, identify its true discounting behavior and assess how the company’s pricing model supports or hinders customer scalability.


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