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How To Package and Price Embedded Analytics Cover

How To Package And Price Embedded Analytics

This ebook provides a Framework for better packaging decisions, explains the basic mechanics of good packaging, and shows you how to ensure the value-add to your software is a revenue-add to your top line.

Land & Expand Cover

3 Ways to Make Sure Your Land & Expand Strategies Actually Expand

This Pricing Matters brief will help you identify failure points and zero in on the three principles which are the key contributors to highly profitable expansion opportunities.

How To Price Software Cover

How To Price Software

This free whitepaper provides a framework that owners and executive teams can use to take coordinated action - before you arbitrarily lower your prices.

Transitioning To Saas Cover

Transitioning to SaaS Revenue

If you don’t protect your revenue streams, the risk involved in transitioning to SaaS skyrockets. This ebook shows how to lower risks and make a successful journey to SaaS.

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