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There’s a widespread assumption that software companies transitioning their products to software as a service (SaaS) necessarily take a massive revenue hit. We don’t agree. The trip to SaaS can be far less bumpy if you use smart pricing and packaging strategies to smooth the transition for your customers while protecting your existing stream of recurring support and maintenance revenue.

It’s true, of course, that every product you sell via subscription rather than perpetual license means lower upfront revenue. And it takes a while for subscription revenues to surpass what you would have received for perpetual licenses. For this reason, it’s absolutely critical to keep recurring revenues from existing customers going strong.

If you don’t protect this revenue stream, the risk involved in transitioning to SaaS skyrockets.  This ebook shows how to lower these risks and make a successful journey to SaaS.

An eBook to help you learn:

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    How to make the transition as smooth as possible both for your organization and for your customers

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    How to align SaaS itself with your customers' perceptions of value

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    How to think about customer segments as part of the transition strategy

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    How much time to allow for the transition

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    ...and more

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