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How can we find out what pricing our competitors are really using?

Competitive Pricing Analysis

A comprehensive discovery of your competitors’ pricing structures, licensing schemes, and their actual street pricing and discount patterns. Used for insight into pricing model recommendations.

How it Works

Effective competitive intelligence is methodical and requires patience and persistence. It also requires adherence to strict ethical standards, not only for legal reasons, but to obtain truly reliable information. Our research team identifies and engages with competitor customers, experts in your industry and other knowledgeable sources to gain a line of sight into actual transactions, perceptions of your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, and the value they and their software products deliver.

Ensuring Ethical Competitive Intelligence

Our pricing research team is trained and experienced in using ethical methods to gather competitive intelligence. We are certified by the association of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP) and always adhere to ethical competitive intelligence standards. We are completely transparent in our research conversations and never misrepresent ourselves. We never use unethical techniques like mystery shopping competitors (a violation of federal and state laws).

Competitive Pricing Analysis Uncovers What Real Customers Think

You may already know much about your competitors, such as their product features, user experience and list prices. But to make effective pricing strategy decisions, you need more. 

Effective software pricing accounts for how actual customers determine value and make purchase decisions:

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    What aspects of competitors’ products do their buyers value?
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    What do their buyers consider to be the competitors’ strengths and weaknesses?
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    What did they really pay for your competitors’ product (not the list prices)?
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    How do they think about the category and its alternatives, including other options you may not be aware of?

Understanding your competitors’ pricing structures, their capabilities, and their actual street pricing and discount patterns adds critical insight to software pricing efforts. Our Competitive Pricing Analysis service will help you discover, understand and operationalize the insight to make important business and pricing strategy decisions.

Ideal for:

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    Enterprise Companies
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    Growth Companies
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    Emerging Companies

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