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What is the best pricing model for our software product?

Monetization Assessment and Design Consulting

A comprehensive monetization strategy and execution initiative, to build and help you launch and manage a pricing model that optimizes revenue production.

How it Works

Using our proprietary LevelSetter(sm) platform, we’ll pull transaction and usage data from your internal systems to assess your customer environment and pinpoint gaps and revenue leaks in your existing model. We’ll augment that insight with internal and external competitive intelligence discovery—for a true and complete view of your marketplace environment—and customer perception testing to validate how different customer segments perceive value. Armed with this critical input, we will design your ideal monetization approach—including licensing, packaging and pricing—and ensure alignment with sales compensation programs, distribution channels and your other product pricing models. Prior to full launch, we’ll use LevelSetter to simulate and test performance.

The Importance of LevelSetter

LevelSetter is the first Pricing Performance Management platform specifically created for the software industry. As a foundational component of our Monetization Assessment and Design service, LevelSetter delivers the science necessary to make the art of monetization succeed.

LevelSetter uses transaction and usage data pulled from your existing systems, making it possible to know—in real-time—precisely how your pricing model is performing. It identifies pricing improvement opportunities and uncovers hidden threats to peak monetization. LevelSetter adds value to each stage of the software monetization path—from building and developing strategies, to launching and rolling out pricing models, to maximizing revenue performance over time.

LevelSetter Delivers:
Immediate 10-15% revenue gains

Generate a positive ROI within six months after rollout, or your year of LevelSetter is free

The Monetization Assessment and Design Service from Software Pricing Partners Includes:

Data Configuration and Analysis

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    We'll unearth your existing transaction and product usage data from multiple systems and sources, configure it and feed it into LevelSetter. We can then determine how your actual configurations, volumes, pricing and discounts are supporting or restricting revenue production.

Ethical Competitive Intelligence

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    We’ll conduct competitive intelligence to understand true street-level information on the licensing metrics your competitors use, the structure of their packages and terms, and the prices and discounts they offer—including published vs. actual. Importantly, we only use tactics that adhere to stringent standards—we do not violate federal or state laws by “mystery shopping” competitors.

Monetization Model Structure

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    Our research and analysis will identify how customers derive value with your solution, how that value changes over time or as your customer uses more (e.g., adds user, more transactions, etc.), and how the value of your solution compares to alternatives. That will help us design the best monetization model for your product(s), including:
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    Licensing: What you charge for (e.g., number of users, transactions, data consumed), what’s included, payment terms and timing.
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    Packaging: How products, features and services are configured and offered to customers.
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    Pricing: The amount to be paid, along with a programmatic incentives structure to stimulate upfront and ongoing customer commitments.

Sales Enablement

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    For your monetization structure to succeed, it must be fully aligned with your sales environment. From salespeople and processes to sales policies and culture, we’ll ensure everything is in sync. We’ll work with your sales team to help them master the new model and use LevelSetter throughout the sales cycle to build trust and accelerate decision-making.

Testing and Simulation

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    As we build the monetization structure, we’ll use LevelSetter to simulate the impact on your existing customer base and validate all the assumptions that underpin any licensing or packaging changes. Then, in soft pilot testing, we will iterate pricing changes to reduce rollout risk and accelerate time to fully capture upside.

Rollout and Continuous Improvement

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    Our Monetization Assessment and Design service is completely biased to action over theory. We will work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to successfully launch your model, and give you the tools and training you need to self-manage your monetization model into the future. This includes ongoing access to LevelSetter to monitor price sensitivity and master pricing fluency.

Ideal for:

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    Enterprise Companies
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    Growth Companies

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