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How do we make sure our sales team adheres to the pricing model?

Pricing and Sales Integration

An assessment and training program to strengthen your team’s ability to understand and transition to a new pricing model and effectively execute it in the marketplace for maximum benefit.

How it Works

When preparing to launch a new monetization program, software companies must recognize that all the strategizing, researching, analyzing, constructing and testing efforts that went into building it can quickly unravel if the company’s sales structure is not completely and properly aligned. We will help you deploy successfully by:

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    Creating a plan to best mitigate the risks of transitioning customers from the old pricing model to the new one
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    Identifying and fixing sales conflicts and processes that could impede the model’s objectives
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    Working with sales leadership to understand how and why the model performs across the range of situations their teams will encounter
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    Providing access to real-time data in LevelSetter to enhance your team’s pricing fluency—the all-important ability to introduce, communicate and defend the pricing model to buyers.

Our Pricing and Sales Integration service ensures a culture develops in your daily operation where customers are treated fairly and pricing properly reflects value. 

Selling Challenges When Deploying New Pricing Models

As access to all information has increased exponentially, software buyers are demanding pricing transparency and justification from software sellers. They want sellers to explain their pricing model, defend it and help them work through the range of options available to them. Those who can’t demonstrate such pricing fluency can spark distrust--fueling slower negotiations or even alienating buyers.

This is particularly acute when deploying a new pricing model. That is why it is critical to equip your team from the outset with the knowledge, tools and mechanics they need to turn your pricing into a competitive advantage. 

Ideal for:

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    Enterprise Companies
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    Growth Companies
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    Emerging Companies

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