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How do we know what the initial pricing model should be for our new software product?

Go-to-Market Pricing Strategy

A fast-track program to establish a strategic pricing model and internal processes that will position you for ongoing revenue optimization.

How it Works

Most new product launches begin with a pricing model borrowed from competitors and disconnected from the way customers gain value from the software. This often ends up limiting performance and digging an operational hole that is difficult to get out of as the company grows.   

Our Go-to-Market Pricing Strategy service solves that. It is an accelerated review of your product and market environment that will set the right foundation to build a profitable and sustainable customer base.  We will research your market environment and model sample transaction or projection data to identify your key value drivers, establish initial price structures, help your team communicate meaningful value propositions and customer ROI, and install metrics to keep you on the right path to growth.

Instilling a Rapid Pricing Iteration Approach

As software companies emerge, they must be able to adapt to the market shifts and learnings they encounter, and—as they grow and accumulate more transaction and usage data--quickly recognize the threats and opportunities that surface.

That is why our Go-to-Market Pricing Strategy service deploys a rapid iteration approach that adjusts as circumstances change. Using LevelSetter, we work with you to gather and analyze quantitative data from your real customer deals and identify adjustments that will better optimize your revenue. These adjustments can then be immediately tested and rolled out via LevelSetter’s sales enablement features to greatly accelerate performance.

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