April 19, 2014  

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Tip # 57. "Rental" and Short-Term Licenses:
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Software Pricing Partners, Inc.

Since 1982, Software Pricing Partners, formerly MarketShare, has been helping software companies improve their financial performance by making better decisions about pricing. Our clients have increased revenue through improved pricing in the following ways…

  • Shorter sales cycles – by simplifying software packaging and pricing, and instituting streamlined procedures for handling discount requests
  • Improved close rates – by better aligning how software is packaged and priced with how customers derive value from its use
  • Increased revenue per deal – by better aligning prices charged with value delivered, and strategically managing negotiated discounts
  • Entry into new markets – by introducing new licensing models and packaging that address the needs of sought-after prospects

We help clients with pricing through project-based consulting. Our highly collaborative approach combines client insights and perspectives with our subject-matter expertise to develop actionable recommendations. Our projects help clients understand what pricing elements should be changed, why they should be changed, and how these changes should be implemented. We also provide ongoing implementation support if needed.

As a complement to our consulting services, we conduct pricing workshops covering both pricing basics and industry innovations such as SaaS/On-Demand/Cloud software delivery. We developed the articles, presentations and pricing tools on this site for people seeking information about what to consider when pricing their software.

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