Software Pricing Grader

A 5-Minute Test to Determine if Pricing is Holding Up Your Revenue Growth

Welcome to your Software Pricing Grader


Sales Experience

Customers can easily choose the product edition that best meets their needs.
Customers upgrade to more powerful editions because they see the added value relative to less capable editions.
Customers complain that the features they want aren’t available in the edition of software they want to order.
Many mid-sized and smaller customers get non-standard contract terms.
Customers claim they are nickel and dimed when we configure a deal or they use our products.
Customers tend to minimize their upfront commitments with us by avoiding large quantity purchases and long-term contracts.

Customer Experience

Sales reps can easily explain how we do business to our customers.
Customers want to license our software differently than the way we license it.
Reps spend a lot of time explaining how to configure the products and services customers need.
Reconfiguring and modifying a quote is easy for our sales reps to do.
Deals are slow to close because customers haggle over our payment and licensing terms.
Sales negotiations are drawn out and have lots of non-standard terms because reps have to play “Let’s Make a Deal” with customers.

Management Satisfaction

We feel like we leave a lot of money on the table in terms of discounts--especially with larger deals.
Customers request a credit for portions of unused software or services because onboarding, training and implementation can take a long time.
Customers who buy the same things from us are invoiced different amounts.
We tend to create licensing types (i.e. site/floating/unlimited/power/casual/view-only/etc.) based on unique customer needs.
Onboarding and Support tend to be overwhelmed because customers seem unable to implement everything they purchased as quickly as they (and we) would like.
Many customers get great value from our software but we aren’t charging enough.
We regularly review and keep our pricing up-to-date as our customers and markets evolve.