Our Software Pricing Experts

Jim Geisman

| Co-founder |

40+ years experience

Software Monetization expert, Former IMP/ARPANET team member, start-up advisor/mentor, Harvard MBA.

Chris Mele

| Co-founder & Managing Partner |

25+ years experience

Former CEO/founder of award-winning SaaS company, Software Monetization expert, E&Y Alumnus. BS Computer Science, Miami University.

Dr. Peter Huber

| Director Research |

40+ years experience

B2B market research & value discovery expert, interviewer, marketer, entrepreneur, & anthropologist. PHD Duke University.

Elliot Scott

| Sales Compensation |

20+ years experience

Global sales effectiveness and sales compensation expert, Chicago Booth MBA

Parmelee Eastman

| CI Director – US |

35+ years experience

Competitive Intelligence expert. B2B market research expert. Harvard MBA

Giancarlo Proença

| CI Director – Global |

20+ years experience

Competitive Intelligence expert. B2B market research expert. Fundação Getúlio Vargas, MBA

Lisa Mele

| Project Management |

10+ years experience

Entrepreneur and former marketing director of an award-winning SaaS company. BS Journalism, WVU.

Meghan Byerley

| Project Management |

10+ years experience

Former marketing manager of award-winning SaaS company. BS Marketing Management, Virginia Tech.

Sandra Ocasio

| Project Management |

10+ years experience

Entrepreneur & former analyst in the financial industry. BS Finance, University of Connecticut.

Sales Transformation Team

Software Pricing Partners collaborates with Aventi Group to help clients completely pull their pricing strategies through their sales and distribution channels.

Our Aventi Group consultants offer deep sector expertise in information management, information security, servers, storage, networking, cloud, mobility, virtualization, compliance, big data, and more.

Research Team

In addition to the staff above, Software Pricing Partners has a skilled team of researchers and analysts dedicated to market research, competitive intelligence, value assessment and monitoring pricing effectiveness for our clients.

These team members offer decades of software and corporate experience and high-level academic credentials.