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Our collective résumé is unmatched when it comes to helping software companies maximize their potential. We’ve worked with companies with a wide array of software growth challenges — from seeking market validation to course-correcting suboptimization. We’ll patiently listen to your concerns and invite you to throw challenges our way. We include “partners” in our name for a reason: We have the experience to guide your pricing decisions from pre-product release, through the launch and beyond.

Chris Mele Software Pricing Strategist
(Managing Partner)

25+ years experience

Software Licensing, Packaging & Pricing (Monetization) expert. Enterprise sales expert. Former CEO/founder of award-winning SaaS company. E&Y Alumnus.

Eric Mele Pricing Data Science

25+ years experience

Pricing Data Analytics, Information Security, Cloud Computing, AWS expert. Former Enterprise Data Architect of award-winning SaaS company. PwC Alumnus.

Blair Swogger Chief Financial Officer

40+ years of experience

Former CFO of an award-winning SaaS company. Former CEO, COO and CFO of several consumer product companies.

Jason Roberson Chief Marketing Officer

20+ Years Experience

Business communications, project management expert; former business journalist and editor. MBA Texas Christian University.

Chad Harbig Software Licensing & Packaging

15+ Years Experience

Software packaging, product strategy and UX expert. M.S. in Human Computer Interaction. PMP, CSPO.

Giancarlo Proenca Competitive Intelligence

20+ years experience

Competitive Intelligence expert. B2B market research expert.
Fundação Getúlio Vargas, MBA

Lisa Furby Market Research

15+ Years Experience

Market Research & Digital Marketing Strategist. Former Director of Marketing of award-winning SaaS company.

Eugenio Moretzsohn Counter Intelligence

30+ Years Experience

Counter-intelligence, compliance and corporate defense measures expert. Former Colonel of Military Intelligence.

Christian Simpson Creative Director

15+ Years Experience

Cinematographer, motion designer, and colorist. Former ESPN Video Producer.

Luciana Carvalho Competitive Market Research

10+ Years Experience

Marketing & Business Communication expert. UDESC, MBA. UFSC, Master in Journalism.

Steven Beard AWS Software Development

15+ Years Experience

Enterprise cloud & software pricing algorithm design & development. Former Paramedic/Firefighter and former US Army Squad Leader.

Dustin Pegg Content Production

15+ Years Experience

Video & film director. Former Sporting News Editor for NBA’s Charlotte Bobcats & Dazn.

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