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About Software Pricing Partners: Jim Geisman
Jim Geisman

| Founder |
Leading expert in software monetization, Start-Up Advisor/Mentor, Harvard MBA.

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A Disciplined, Proven Approach

Every software CEO is charged with growth and knows they need new ways to solve the problem. But changing a company’s revenue model can feel overwhelming and downright terrifying at times.

That’s where we come in. We offer a disciplined approach and proven methodology that delivers clarity and results. Our methodology was built from inside the software industry — from over hundreds of engagements with B2B software companies spanning hundreds of industries.

If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, rest easy. We’ve been at the forefront of software pricing since its inception because it all started with us. We have the firepower and know-how to get you to the finish line so you can concentrate on what matters most: growing your company.

About Software Pricing Partners: Chris Mele
Chris Mele

| Managing Partner |
Software monetization expert, Former SaaS CEO, founder of several software start-ups, Ernst & Young Alumni.

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A few of our software pricing success stories

What We Do

Whether you are creating or updating your pricing, we will give you actionable recommendations based on our 3-step Monetization Process. The SPP Monetization Methodology provides a disciplined approach including how to charge for your software and related services and how much to charge. Our recommendations are supported by a rationale and detailed analyses.
You get a comprehensive review of your current or future monetization plans using the SPP Monetization Methodology. We evaluate your plans in terms of consistency with your business goals, alignment with value delivered, how well simplicity and precision are balanced, and ease of implementation with internal processes and systems.
You get an analysis of your sales team’s discounting behavior and trends. We’ll also give you detailed recommendations on proposed discounting structures and discounting processes for your sales team to follow. We’ll help you get the greatest return on your “discount dollar” investment.
You get strategic and tactical help with landing key accounts from sales process, negotiation and software pricing experts with proven track records. We coach behind the scenes to help you make all the critical moves for game-changing prospects.
Changes to pricing can ripple through your sales and marketing programs. Our experts bring a unique perspective including deep pricing expertise as well as SaaS operating experience. We’ll help ensure your sales and marketing teams are ready for anything the market may throw at them as you migrate to your new monetization approach.
Sometimes market research and competitive intelligence is needed to better understand your markets and customers. We can help you do in-depth, qualitative research to augment your sales, marketing and business development efforts.

What You Get

The ability to charge for the value you deliver is difficult, if not impossible, without the right monetization approach. Charging appropriately for the value you deliver becomes exceptionally easy when you properly align how you license, structure and charge for your software and services.
Sales cycles are shorter when you simplify your software packaging and pricing. It takes less time to close deals when discounts are more standardized and there are fewer non-standard discount requests.
Close rates improve when your software packaging and pricing are aligned with how your customers derive value from its use. Salespeople will spend less time justifying your pricing and more time discussing value so customers will find it easy to say yes.
Deal sizes increase when your license and offerings scale well with value delivered. When customers are asked for amounts that scale with value delivered, the ones wanting more value are more likely to pay for it.
Revenue becomes more predictable when your sales and marketing processes are well tuned and provide an incentive for customers to pay on a subscription basis instead of an up-front lump sum. Recurring revenues eliminate much of the lumpiness typical in software start-ups.
More opportunities become available when your pricing and offerings are tailored to customer segments or for particular customers you want to attract.
It’s easier to enter new markets when your licensing and offering options address the needs of new prospects you are pursuing.

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